About Us

About Us

When it comes to a fusion of fashion and tradition, various brands and stores have tried their best to excel, but Apple Pie Garments succeeded to set the bar higher. With the right aesthetic sense and a blend of traditional necessities in Kurta and Shalwar Kameez, Apple Pie Garments produces what can be known as masterpieces of quality clothing.

We at Apple Pie Garments hand-pick from the best of the imported fabrics, carefully maintaining the quality standards set by our brand name, keeping in mind that a good attire does not only have to be stylish, but durability and cultural elements are essentials as well.

Our designs depict the way of life our clients prefer for themselves. Each article is a piece designed and tailored with great detail, keeping an eye of a critic, whilst focusing on the fashion aspects as well.

Apple Pie Garments are trendsetters in their domain. Our Kurta Collection ranges from eye-catching looks to party-wear articles, depicting your choice of luxurious clothing experience.
Bringing the best designs for our clients, we never compromise on our basic standards.

“The House of Perfect Clothing” – this statement not only depicts what Apple Pie Garments is, it is the core value of our brand. We believe that it is our requirement to be the provider of perfect clothing; “perfect” being the right blend of fashion, tradition, quality and durability.

Our Shirts Collection is a game-changer. A luxurious choice in formal and casual shirts, Apple Pie Garments focuses on the basic aesthetics of shirt-making, blending them with latest trends in the fashion street, never forgetting the need of high quality fabric, leaving a pinch of creativity to please the eye of the viewer.

Our vision is to be a leading name when it comes to quality clothing, making sure each of our clients is satisfied to the core, believing that making perfect clothes is what gives our brand a name you can trust.

Apple Pie Garments believes that:

  • Our fabrics, imported and high quality, assure comfort and luxury to our customers.
  • Our designs, offering the next level of fashion and carefully picked details are a winner.
  • Our Kurta Collection is not just a blend of tradition and fashion, but a
  • Our Shirts Collection, creating a trend of stylish yet formal shirts, gives an edge to your daily wear.
  • Our clothing experience is what creates a bond between us and our clients.
  • Our promise to provide the best of everything is what sets us apart from the market.

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